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Happy New Year — Quba Exchange

Happy New Year Champ,

First, I’ll like to say a heart felt thank you for continuing to hold the line for us while we put together Quba Exchange bit by bit for you. 2020 was indeed a remarkable year in all our lives and as we transition into the new year, I’m filled with hope and excitement about our journey together.

I’m happy to announce that Quba Exchange is due to launch to the moon early this year as we are in the final phase of the project. We are dedicated to building a new and exciting trading experience for everyone, both new and experienced trader or investor. I’d say, it is Priceless, Timeless and indeed Limitless.

Feel free to meet the Quba Team, an assemblage of some of the youngest and finest talents in the continent.

Also, don’t forget to hook up with Tatafo from Quba, your #1 gist plug for all the awesome things happening at Quba and the financial markets.

Finally, your feed back is oxygen, should you have questions or suggestions, kindly reach out to us and be sure to get a response as swiftly as possible.

Once again, Happy New Year and have an amazing 2021.


Darlington Morsi Onyemaka
CEO, Quba Exchange

Tatafo is your gist plug for all the new and amazing stuffs we are doing at Quba Exchange.

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